Pulleys General Roller

Pulleys general roller
Polia de Acionamento General Roller Polia Gaiola General Roller

Pulleys | General Roller

  • The cast iron pulleys by General Roller are manufactured with quality raw material, cast in induction furnaces through the Dual Therm System of Melting.

    They are molded with hydraulic compression technology which provides excellent finishing, stability and repeatability in pulley manufacturing. The lagging is made through hot vulcanization in autoclave directly on the body, what ensures better adherence of rubber.

    The pulleys are provided mounted with shafts attached through pins, pillow blocks in accordance with the drawing and specification of the customer.

    Manufactured on types GRPLS with Single Framework, GRPLD with Double Framework and GRPLG Wing Pulley, they are the best solution for bulk grain elevators of the agricultural market, ensuring high performance, lower weight compared with the boiled pulley and excellent cost-effectiveness because it is a cleaner product.

    Integrity and responsibility! This is how we work! That is why we aim at excellent services! Qualified professionals serving full time, looking for the best solutions to our customers.

  • GRPLS type Pulley – Single Framework

  • GRPLD type Pulley – Double Framework

  • GRPLG type Pulley – Wing

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