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idlers general roller
idlers General Roller idlers General Roller idlers General Roller

Idlers | General Roller

  • They are assemblies made up of rolls supported onto idler frames, which aim to support, guide and conform the conveyor belts.

    The idlers by General Roller are manufactured in 6 different series, meeting several technical specifications (ABNT, ISO and CEMA).

    Versatility and high performance that provide continuous usage at the strictest and several operating conditions.

    Efficiency and low cost, adequate to your business.

    General Roller idlers are divided in the following groups:

  • Carrying Idlers

  • Impact Idlers

  • Belt Training Carrying Idlers

  • Catenary Carrying Idlers

  • Flat Return Idlers

  • V Return Idlers

  • Belt Training Return Idlers

  • Catenary Return Idlers

  • Transition Idlers

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