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idler frames general roller
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Idler Frames | General Roller

  • The idler frames are supports for the idler rolls and their assemblies called idlers.

    They are essential for the smooth operation of the conveyors, since they influence the resistance in extreme operating conditions, as well as their alignment, which are crucial factors for a good production performance.

    As well as the whole line of products by General Roller, they meet the highest quality standards and can undergo the strictest operating conditions. They are manufactured with carbon steel ASTM A-36, SAC 41, Stainless Steel AISI 304 or AISI 316.

    They are made up of stamped arms, mounted onto angle bars. The slope standards are 20°, 35° and 45°. On the side rolls it is possible to apply a slope of 2° to the direction of the belt movement, which aims to keep better alignment.

    The attachment of the rolls to the frames is carried out through fitting, eliminating the necessity of fasteners, what facilitates the replacement of rolls.

    The assembly of the idler frames to the structure of the conveyors is made with shoes that are attached through clamps and bolts, depending on the series.

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