Drum Pulleys General Roller

Drum Pulleys general roller
Tambor com Pastilha de Cerâmica General Roller Tambor em Poliuretano General Roller Tambor Pulley Bar General Roller Tambor Borracha Vulcanizada General Roller

Drum Pulleys | General Roller

  • They are the drives of the conveyor belts and, depending on their use and position, they have specific names: Drive, Return, Bend, Takeup, Snub, Self-cleaning, Magnetic Pulley, among others.

    The Pulleys by General Roller are manufactured under the strictest quality control processes (US, LP, PM tests) to meet any mechanical project specifications.

    The main components of a pulley are: Body, End Discs, Intermediate Disc, Hubs, Fastening Elements, Shaft, Pillow Blocks and Lagging.

    The Pulleys can be smooth or lagged with hot-vulcanized rubber, cold vulcanized rubber, ceramic or polyurethane inserts.

    The conformities and constructive forms of the pulleys may vary depending on the customers need, and they may, for example, be flat face for general application or crown face for belt alignment and self-cleaning for use with very abrasive materials or granulates that tend to adhere to the belt.

Our products:

  • Driven Pulley

  • Moving Pulley

  • Rubber Lagging Pulley

  • Ceramic Lagging Pulley

  • Polyurethane Lagging Pulley

  • Bar Pulley

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